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Sorghum Upma

Ingredients: Sorghum rawa – 1 cup; bengal gram dal, mustard seeds, chopped onion, green chilies, carrot, tomato and curry leaves – quantity as required. Preparation Method: Add sieved sorghum rawa to the boiled water. Cook at low flame for 5 minutes, then add sorghum flour slowly & mix thoroughly so that the lumps are not …

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Sorghum Samosa

Ingredients: Sorghum flour – 1 cup, maida – 1 cup, potatoes – 1 cup, boiled peas, onions, green chilies and curry leaves as required. Preparation Method: Take one cup of sorghum flour and one cup of maida. Mix them well and add required amount of water to make dough. Make small chapati balls and spread …

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Sorghum Roti

Ingredients:  Sorghum flour- 100 grams Preparation Method: Add hot water to the sieved sorghum flour. Knead it into smooth soft dough. Make a round ball (approx 50 grams) and spread it into a round shape onto a polythene sheet by using a rolling stick or by pressing with the palm. Bake the roti evenly and …

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Sorghum Ambali

Ingredients: Sorghum flour – 1/2 cup, rice starch soup and salt as much as required. Preparation Method: Mix sorghum flour with appropriate volume of lukewarm water carefully to avoid the formation of lumps of any kind.  Add rice starch soup and salt to the above mentioned mixture and cook for a duration of 15-20 minutes. …

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Sorghum Dosa

Ingredients: Sorghum grain – 3 cups, black gram dal – 1 cup, salt and oil (for the purpose of shallow fry) Preparation Method: Grind the soaked sorghum grain and black gram dal together into the consistency of a fine batter. Add salt for taste and allow it to rest for fermentation. Apply a tea spoon of …

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Sorghum Annam

Ingredients: Dehulled sorghum grain – 1 cup Preparation Method: • Cook pearled or dehulled sorghum in a pot of boiling water until the grains become smooth and palatable. • It can also be prepared in pressure cooker in a span of five to ten minutes.